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Personal ham items for sale from PZ regulars

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As an experiment we are trying a web page for people to be able to find out if any items of interest are for sale by PZ users. There is no payment, this is run by volunteers as a free service. If this service is misused or unsuccessful it will be removed. Please be patient it may take some time to get your items listed. See conditions below for how to add an item. Please read the conditions before sending a submission.

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  • Ham radio or ham related items only
  • Submissions will only be accepted from regular users/breakfast attenders
  • Your own personal equipment (no commercial sales allowed)
  • Please limit your description to about 20 words
  • Submitting an item does not guarantee entry
  • Content may be edited to fit the format, pictures may not always be added, but send if you have one
  • Items may be removed after 1 month if not resubmitted
  • No more than 3 items may be listed at one time
  • The editors of this site reserve the right to not include or remove any item without notice

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Please note - G4ZPZ the owner of this website and the editors of this website G3SNA and G4WLI are not responsible for the equipment sold on this website. Buyers should satisfy themselves as to the quality of the items sold by discussing with the vendor.