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The repeater transmits on a frequency of 430.900MHz with a superimposed 82.5Hz CTCSS tone that can be used to control the squelch opening of suitably equipped receivers.  Set your receive frequency to 430.900MHz. The repeater uses a 7.6MHz split so  you need to transmit on 438.500MHz.  The repeater requires a continuous access tone of 82.5Hz to open and remain open to your transmission. Set your transmit frequency to 438.500MHz and your CTCSS tone to 82.5Hz.

Most modern transceivers will let you set up a repeater frequency in memory with a 7.6MHz split but if not you can usually set up a memory with separate transmit and receive frequencies which will do the same job.

Please identify your station with your callsign and the node number you are attempting to call before controlling the IRLP node. To connect to an IRLP node enter your pin code then dial the 4 digit node number without a pause. To connect to an Echolink node dial # followed by the station node number. To disconnect dial 73.

For information dial 411 or to check status dial 211
To identify the last node calling into GB3PZ dial 511
For detailed connection information dial *69

A note on audio quality

Please try to ensure you have the best audio quality you can achieve.
Remember the repeater audio is processed and sent via the internet, it is then decoded the other end and then fed to the receiving repeater or simplex node to be re-broadcast. It then has to be received by the user’s radio. Each process will introduce some distortions, so it has been through many processes before it reaches the users ear.

cartoonSo if your audio is ropey locally, imagine the poor user trying to make sense of it at its destination .
GB3PZ now has multiple connections from 3 different services. Not all services announce themselves, please assume you always have listeners.







Repeater Basics



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