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Repeater Basics
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The aim of the Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) is to provide a simple and easy system to link radio systems together using the Internet as the communications backbone.

Simplex radio and Repeater systems are linked using Voice over IP (VOIP) techniques using the Internet.  Each node is identified by a 4 digit node number.

A list of currently active nodes can be found on the IRLP website at

      Important note on IRLP access.

Unfortunately, due to repeated abuse of the system we have been forced to introduce a 'pin access' system for amateurs wishing to open an IRLP node through the repeater. This does not prevent normal use of the repeater, or the abilty of amateurs to communicate with incoming connections. Amateurs requiring immediate access, can simply ask an existing user to dial on their behalf. It is rare for an existing user not to be monitoring.

Access to the IRLP system is open to ALL radio amateurs operating in the U.K. Any bonafide radio amateur can obtain a 'pin' access number by emailing a request to the node owner at:, this should be accompanied by proof of validity of your status as a radio amateur (i.e. copy of licence attached)

Membership of the UKFM Group (Western) ensures a speedy return, quote membership number with your request. Information on this and other repeaters can be obtained from the UKFMGW. Membership of this group helps to maintain and build new repeaters, they do not run themselves! If you use GB3PZ, join our group by following this link.

A list of node commands can be found here .


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